“Cape Grace is a five star hotel and it is imperative that we get excellent service from our suppliers.

Cape Cuisine has committed to deliver quality service. I am happy to say that they have lived up to their commitment. Cape Cuisine's prices are also very competitive in the market.”
Osvaldo - Cape Grace Hotel

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Amenities Hotel & Guest house

Cape Cuisine has been appointed the official distributer of Hotel Amenities products. We are excited to announce that the ranges states below will be available for purchase from 1 February 2011. Please feel free to contact our Reps or Buying Department for more information.

The Duke & Forsyth Range

Product Fill Case Pack
Bath & Shower Gel (Bottle) 30ml 72
Bath & Shower Gel (Tube) 50ml 100
Shampoo Bottle 30ml 30ml 72
Shampoo Conditioning Tube 50ml 50ml 100
Body Lotion Bottle 30ml 72
Body & Hand Lotion 50ml 100
Soap Pleat Wrapped 25g 144
Soap Boxed 25g 108
Shower Cap N/A 80

The Coral Collection

Product Fill Case Pack
Bath & Shower Gel 34ml 70
Moisturizing Lotion 34ml 70
Shampoo 34ml 70
Shower Cap N/A 60's
Soap Shell Shrink Wrapped 25g 144

The Marula Range

Product Fill Case Pack
Soap Luxury Flow Wrapped 40g 200
Shower Cap N/A 200's
Bath & Shower Essentials 35ml 50
Shampoo Conditioning Tube 35ml 50

The Delux Range

Product Fill Case Pack
Body Lotion Sachet 10ml 500
Foam Bath Sachet 10ml 500
Shampoo Sachet 10ml 500
Shower Cap N/A 70's