About us


“Cape Grace is a five star hotel and it is imperative that we get excellent service from our suppliers.

Cape Cuisine has committed to deliver quality service. I am happy to say that they have lived up to their commitment. Cape Cuisine's prices are also very competitive in the market.”
Osvaldo - Cape Grace Hotel

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Our Clients

So you want to check out our client list?


We hate to disappoint you but unfortunately we can't publish all the clients we supply. Besides you don't want to wade through a list of almost 1000 hotels, restaurants and other top catering establishments we supply.

Here are a few testimonials from some of the most respected hotels and restaurants in the industry that we have the privilege to serve.

We serve the following types of catering organisations:

  • Hotel chains and large hotels independently owned hotels
  • Restaurant chains and large independently owned restaurants
  • Manufacturing businesses in the catering field
  • Government and private institutions such as hospitals, prisons and boarding schools
  • Wine estates
  • Coffee shops
  • Boutique hotels and guesthouses

Although Cape Cuisine usually supplies upmarket hotels, restaurants and luxury establishments we extend our 5-star service to anyone who buys sufficient quantities. And of course our sales team is just a click away. To chat about your specific needs contact one of our friendly sales people.