About us


“Cape Grace is a five star hotel and it is imperative that we get excellent service from our suppliers.

Cape Cuisine has committed to deliver quality service. I am happy to say that they have lived up to their commitment. Cape Cuisine's prices are also very competitive in the market.”
Osvaldo - Cape Grace Hotel

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Quality Assurance

As a leading food distributor in the Western Cape, Cape Cuisine goes to extreme measures to ensure that quality assurance programs are implemented and adhered to.

Cape Cuisine is actively working towards achieving the ISO 9001:2000 standard.


The principles are mainly:

  • Customer focus,
  • Leadership,
  • Involvement of people,
  • System approach to management,
  • Continual improvement, etc.

As part of establishing Cape Cuisine as the leading Food Distribution Company, we've put in place extensive processes to ensure a very high standard is maintained regarding product "health matters" and quality assurance.

These entail the following:

  • Rigid procedures regarding stock recycling.
  • Quality dispatch checks ensuring goods have no dents or tears or any other visible form of damage.
  • Strict warehouse procedures ensuring goods are located on dedicated lifted shelves.
  • Weekly/Monthly procedures regarding warehouse floor cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Weekly procedures regarding delivery trucks cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Monthly process of disinfecting and investigating warehouse by a professional pest control company.