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“Cape Cuisine is one of our preferred suppliers. They are quick, efficient and always go the extra mile. They almost never run out of a product and if they do they will promptly source an alternative supplier. Cape Cuisine's deliveries are always on time and their always willing to assist, even on short notice. They have an extensive product list and if you're looking for something specific they will source it. Their deliveries have a high hygiene standard and no complaints have been reported up to date.

I seriously recommend Cape Cuisine, as they are trust worthy. Cape Cuisine's fair prices and wide-ranging product list compliments their unbeatable service delivery.”
Joe Du Plessis - The Table Bay Hotel

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We love complaining clients. Ok, to be honest, nobody really likes to hear bad things about their company. But at Cape Cuisine it is our duty to know what your needs and desires are - and if we're messing up, we want to know all about it so we can fix it.

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